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Landscape Design

Queen of Spades creates inspiring outdoor environments that enrich lives and engage the senses.  Our designs emphasize connecting foundational features like pathways, patios, and architectural structures to the property’s existing elements so that the landscape is cohesive and enhances its surroundings. Striking plant combinations draw upon texture, contrast, color, and balance so that your garden offers year round sanctuary and enjoyment. We use contemporary hardscape materials and approach every project with a skilled eye for detail. Queen of Spades crafts sustainable environments free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and other environmentally harmful substances.

Container Gardening

Professionally designed containers add instant color and style to any established landscape, home, or business.  Unlike gardens, containers can be easily updated for seasonal impact.  Queen of Spades creates dynamic container gardens that showcase the artistry of inspired plant composition.

Cultivation: The act or ART of Cultivating or Tilling

We prefer the term cultivation to maintenance because Queen of Spades practices time honored organic methods and artisan skills to nurture a garden to its fullest potential. During scheduled cultivation visits we instruct and coach clients so they can confidently care for their gardens throughout the four seasons.  

Case Study: One

An Urban Oasis

This Alberta arts district project presented very limited spatial restrictions. The small corner lot offered no privacy from the neighborhood’s urban activity. The clients’ priority was to create a private space where they could relax and entertain but not lose all opportunity for edible and ornamental gardening. All grass was removed and the area was leveled to maximize the lot’s potential. A fence was designed with the intent of creating a sense of privacy while not totally blocking out neighborhood observation and participation. A compacted gravel patio offers retreat while pathways connect the entire yard. The result is a seamless space with ample room for low maintenance plantings and edible gardening.

Case Study: Two

Low Water-High Impact

This Wilsonville property is uniquely located in an open valley and backed by a stark rock wall. The client wanted to create a border between his home and the wild while softening the effects of the walkways and exposure. The area immediately reminded me of the dry intermountain west where I began my gardening career and inspired the idea for a drought tolerant rock garden. Large amounts of sand and topsoil were introduced to create both  topography and the ideal growing conditions for drought tolerant plantings. In its first year, the rock garden already transitions the property’s more “civilized” areas from the wild and accentuates the surrounding atmosphere. The fusion of plant and stone draws the eye and accentuates detail. Flowering shrubs, grasses, and perennials are planted in repeated masses to establish a rhythm and order throughout the garden.

"Our experience with Emalee has been a pleasure. Firstly, she reliably delivered what she said she would. But what really impressed us was her vision for what our garden would look like, and her ability to combine the shapes, colors and textures of various plants to create a truly beautiful garden."
   - Howard & Nancy, NE Portland

"We have lived here for 23 years. Of all the people who have "touched" our landscape Emalee is the best. Her talent is clearly reflected in the beauty of our property, which is just amazingly beautiful. In addition to that she is truly a pleasure to work with and we consider her a wonderful friend."
  - Brian & Carlene, West Linn

Dynamic Duos

A Slideshow of Plant Combinations that Sizzle & Sing

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